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Here is a list of some of the activities students of PianoCademy participate in:



Twice a year Pianocademy hosts a student recital.  This is a very special occasion where students get to showcase what they have worked so hard for all year. In the Spring Recital, students will be recognized for their achievements in Certificate of Merit and National Guild Exams as well as any competitions they have participated in.



The best way to learn how to perform in front of an audience is to actually practice doing it. The studio class gives students a chance to perform in front of their peers in a supportive and non-stressful environment.  Topics such as stage presence and performance anxiety are discussed.



Masterclasses give students an opportunity to take a lesson with another teacher.  It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to be introduced to new teaching styles and ideas.



Pianocademy is a member of MTAC, MTNA, National Guild and PTMG of Japan which host numerous exams, auditions and competitions throughout the year.  Students are especially encouraged to participate in the annual Certificate of Merit exams, National Guild and Southern California Junior Bach Festival.  Students of PianoCademy typically receive high scores in both Certificate of Merit and National Guild Exams, and have also been chosen as branch and regional winners of the annual Southern California Junior Bach Festival.

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